Monday, January 4, 2016

Trendy Floral iPad Pro Cases

Accessorize and protect your iPad Pro with the hard cover Powis iCase iPad Pro case. Custom made with premium book cloth and finished with glossy laminate, this hard cover case is a durable and elegant way to show off your favorite designs, photos, images, and text. Features rubberized non-slip edge design for landscape use.

Colorful Dragonfly High Top Shoes Printed Shoes | Zazzle

 Colorful Dragonfly High Top Shoes Printed Shoes. Step out of the box in a pair of unique custom sneakers! Each pair of custom High Top ZIPZ® shoes is designed so that any ZIPZ® top can be matched with a sole of the corresponding size, meaning you can change your style as often as you’d like to match any mood, occasion, or outfit. A fresh look at sneakers, ZIPZ® shoes give you a one of a kind way to express yourself!