Thursday, July 10, 2014

Buckets Of Love For Papa Mark T-Shirts

Buckets Of Love For Papa Mark Tees

In May 2013 Papa Mark was diagnosed with colon Cancer that had mastesized to his liver. After quick action and a colon resection Papa Mark started many rounds of Chemotherapy. After several rounds the tumors in his Liver shrank and doctors in Seattle felt they could surgically remove them. So off to Seattle they went in January 2014; after this Papa Mark did what we thought was clean up chemotherapy. After many more rounds and a Pet Scan later we were told not what we wanted to know. . . Papa Mark has a new tumor in his liver and is in need of another trip to Seattle. Papa Mark has fought hard for his little bundle of Joy grand kids; Josiah, Bailey, and Aleigha. Please help us in our Journey to a healthier Papa Mark!

 Papa Mark has liver cancer. All money made from Papa Marks Store will be going to help with his medical expenses. Thank you in advance. To keep up to date go to facebook